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Watching my monkey grow… quite literally.

24/04/2017 Comments Off on Watching my monkey grow… quite literally.

Having just moved house, Bells FINALLY has a decent nursery of her own rather than sharing a room with Dickie’s shoes… yes, he really does have that many. Can I get a hooray for the poor girl?

Determined to make up for lost time, we’ve been on the hunt for cool accessories for her room, but ones that she’ll actually enjoy… unlike the expensive toys that I bought from Liberty that she’d rather switch out for a cheap toy with a huge tag any day of the week.


Therefore when I heard that The National Theatre Bookshop had launched a load of new nursery toys and accessories as part of the Wee Gallery, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Wee Gallery encourage sensory development but have an eco-friendly ethos. A big supporter of buying products that are eco-friendly, I really liked that they use organic cotton and the products come in biodegradable packaging… making you feel slightly less guilty for yet another purchase.

Having finally faced reality and realised that there’s NOTHING we can do to stop Bells from growing up, we decided to embrace it and to get their Watch Me Grow canvas growth chart. I couldn’t believe that she’s already over 2ft…. where did my tiny baby go???

IMG_0254 IMG_0271

The chart is gorgeous – crisp and clean in it’s monochrome design with a leather hanging chord and fringe bottom. It’s got loads of safari animal faces to keep an eye on your little munchkin as they grow. As soon as we put it up, Bells was absolutely obsessed with them! She’ll spend at least 10 minutes (which is quite a long time in our world) just staring and pawing at them… this can however, making measuring her tricky! The monochrome designs used throughout the range use repetitive patterns to hold their gaze, which definitely seemed to work its magic on Bells.

She certainly seemed happy with herself.

If you want to take a look for yourself, go check out National Theatre Bookshop. The growth chart is available here for £30. Whatcha waiting for???

M xox

NB: National Theatre Bookshop kindly sent the growth chart to us, but I totally would have bought it anyway. Thanks guys! ?


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