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The time I got paint happy…

17/05/2017 Comments Off on The time I got paint happy…

I’m a person to get things done. I don’t procrastinate. I don’t have patience to wait. I never sit still. When I want something done, I do it, simple. This usually is a good thing, it keeps our house running and whilst Dickie is more measured in his approach, I like to think we balance each other out.

You can imagine my twitchy fingers after we’d moved into our ‘forever home’ to find each and every wall stained where mirrors and pictures had been removed thanks to the open wood fire. No problem I thought, the previous owners had left pots and pots of the Farrow & Ball paint that they’d used, so I’d just touch up the marks. I was itching to get started.

After waiting 4 whole days to prove to Dickie that I do have some patience, I finally decided to tackle it one Wednesday night at 11.30pm. Of course, I had none of the right tools and so there I was, clumsily balancing one leg on the sofa, another on the windowsill as I went about making the walls all spick and span. Next up the hallway, the dining room, the kitchen.

I went back to inspect my work in the living room, thinking that the paint had time to dry (after all I like to keep the house at sauna temperatures at all time) only to find to my dismay that the paint that I’d used hadn’t matched. I mean, it would have done probably 5 years ago when it was likely to have been painted, but now, there were shiny bright brushstrokes where the dirty marks used to lay.

I went out to the hallway, the same there. The dining room? The same. Kitchen? Same… and there our refurbishing project began. So to all of those who have been admiring our handy work on Insta and have complimented us on how quick we’ve been, I kind of left us with no choice :-/

Next week, I’ll share a post, giving a little tour of the living room complete, along with the colours that we used and what’s next at the top of Dickie’s list of things to do, *ahem*, I mean our list of things to do.

M xox

p.s. if you have any decorating disasters, do feel free to share them in the comments below so that I can use them as evidence to Dickie that I’m not alone…

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