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The One-Minute Stress Busting Routine

29/11/2016 Comments Off on The One-Minute Stress Busting Routine

Nothing quite prepared me for how much life would change when I had my little person. The centre of my universe shifted and all day every day was spent looking after her, with my own needs coming last. When you have a Mini-Me to contend with, time to shower is a luxury… gone are the evenings that I used to spend with a beauty mask on my face.

You can imagine my excitement then when I was contacted by the guys at HAYO’U inviting me to try out their routines. The HAYO’U method was created by Katie Brindle after Chinese medicine helped to solve her own health problems. Each of the routines is designed to only last a minute, focussing on minimal fuss, effort and time which means that you actually stand a chance of fitting it into your day… which is always a good thing!

I read a quote the other day which said “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. Now that Bells is getting a little older, I’m starting to realise that I need to find time to look after myself to be the very best mum to her that I can be.

HAYO’U works with the body’s natural ability to self-heal. Each of the rituals is designed to eradicate toxins and stress, each of which have negative impacts on our skin and general well being.

Gua Sha is loved across Asia for its anti-ageing benefits as well as being used to rid the stresses of modern day life from our faces. When we’re stressed (be that from work, family or a little person who refuses to sleep), we can start to develop under-eye bags, dull skin, poor complexion and wrinkles… None of these things are desirable!

I was lucky enough to try out each of the following:-

Beauty Restorer

This is a nifty little face tool which you can use in a variety of ways to help draw out toxins and improve circulation. Yes, you’ll be a little pink faced afterwards, but you’ll feel utterly amazing. This little beauty is going to the top of the list when it comes to gifting this Christmas.

Treat-Rite Face Oil

This is a beautiful nourishing oil which contains Camelia and Palmarosa oils which help to protect delicate skin and stimulate cell renewal. READ: it helps to make you look younger. WINNING. Use this with the Beauty Restorer to help lubricate the skin, leaving you fresh faced!

Bathe-Rite De-Stress Bath/Shower Minerals

I love these minerals as they come in a format to use in the bath (if you’re lucky enough to manage 5 minutes to yourself) or shower (which means I’m much more likely to be able to use them). They contain a concentrated formula of Himalayan Pink Salt, Magnesiu, and Maris Sal which help to draw out deep tension, increase circulation, eliminate toxins, relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reduce pain & inflamation, lower blood pressure and restore your body’s PH balance. They’re basically little pieces of heaven.

If you combine your shower/bath time with the one minute breathing ritual, I can promise you’ll feel amazing as a result!

While HAYO’U kindly sent me the products to try, I genuinely wouldn’t write about them if I didn’t really love them! Promise!

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