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The Life Tree ?; combining kid’s art & technology: REVIEW

18/10/2017 Comments Off on The Life Tree ?; combining kid’s art & technology: REVIEW

We have recently developed a love of art. Whilst I’ve always been able to appreciate a beautiful piece, a combination of middle age and owning our own walls at long last has definitely accelerated the process. I love the emotions that a good piece of art can evoke, transporting you in a moment, regardless of where you are. We’ve gradually been filling the house, buying pieces as and when we find them, from different galleries that we visit. I must say I’m feeling rather grown up .

However, until recently, our new found love has been focused around our tastes and poor Bells had been left with a “Somebunny Loves You” print on her walls ??.

Therefore you can imagine our delight when we were contacted by the guys at Blutulip Publishing (a fine-art publisher) who recently launched The Life Tree. The Life Tree is a gorgeous piece of artwork which follows the journey of life from birth to old age and beyond and is tailored to be personalised to your child with a hidden phrase or name. It’s accompanied with a book of verses, each of which relates to a different part of the picture.


As I excitedly unboxed the picture whilst Bells was at nursery (I know, I know, I should have waited for her to get home!), Dickie listened as I read the story. Gradually the verses took longer and longer to read as I welled up with tears. There may or may not be some truth in the rumours that I cried that day. It is so beautifully written and emotive… I challenge anyone to read it without getting choked up! There was also a dawning realisation that we’re already much further up the tree than we’d like….. when did that happen?


Art is something that I’d never really considered for Bells up until now, I just assumed that she was too young to appreciate it. However, the way that they’ve integrated art with technology, bringing it to life with an interactive story makes it accessible for all and Bells adores it. Having downloaded the app, we now have story time each night, focussing on a different part of the story (and tree).

7583923120_IMG_0647DSC_0197Bells is truly transfixed by the tree and will spend hours pointing and talking to it! Dickie text from work one day to ask whether she’d gone to sleep well that evening and I responded simply with a picture of her pointing to the painting from her cot! The thing that I love the most is that I know the picture has so much more to offer. It will become a great tool in the future for celebrating some of the happier times in life as well as explaining some of the tougher challenges that we sadly all face.

DSC_0193 DSC_0194DSC_0200DSC_0202

What’s more, the Tree is never “owned” by anybody, the child simply takes care of it and one day passes it to a new person, making it a new age heirloom I know will live in our family for many years to come. However, the hidden name will always be in it.

I’d genuinely like to thank the guys at Blutulip, I can’t tell you how much we all love The Life Tree…. I’m hoping to post a video over the coming weeks so that you can experience it first hand. Have you considered art for your little person? Do you have a Life Tree of your own? I’d love to hear from you.

For those of you looking to purchase your very own tree, you can visit http://thelifetree.co.uk where you can choose the options of paper, canvas or illuminapp. For every purchase, £5 is donated to The Joshua Tree – a Cheshire based children’s cancer charity.

M xox

NB: Whilst The Life Tree was kindly gifted to us, I genuinely wouldn’t be writing about it if I didn’t love a) the art b) the concept c) the lovely folks behind it. Honest.

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