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WARNING: Post comes with boobs.

When I was contacted by the lovely team at Triumph about the launch of their new Magic Wire Bra, I thought that maybe they’d sent me the email by mistake. They wanted to send me their revolutionary bra for me to try – even though I have bee stings? They offered for me to pop in store for a fitting, where they’d tell me just how small my boobs really are. OK, they really didn’t say that – they just offered me a bra fitting and so along I went.


Over my initial British stiff upper lip where I stood there trying to cover every part of myself with my little arms, I finally gave in and admitted defeat – if they wanted to measure me, they were going to have to touch me. Thankfully they were very patient and lovely about the whole thing.

So onto the bra – no doubt you’ve seen lots about it already – there’s loads of buzz about it on lots of blogs that I read, not to mention Twitter! Therefore I was excited to see what all of the hype was about.

Silicon. That’s what the hype is about and understandably so. Let me explain.

Have you ever had your bra wire dig into you? Or worse still, burst free from it’s seams, attacking you like a knife through the ribs? We’ve all been there, right? Not any more! The Triumph Magic Wire Bra uses silicon. Soft, soft silicon… but once encapsulated within the cup provides the support of a normal wired bra.

Available in lots of pretty colours and patterns, it’s not your usual “comfy but must never be seen in bra”. Since receiving mine, I’ve already washed and re-used it far too many times – retailing at around £36, I will definitely be investing in more. Looking good doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. I genuinely urge you to go and try one. They’re awesome. It also gave me cleavage. WINNING.

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* This bra was gifted to me by Triumph, however this hasn’t affected my opinion in any way. If I didn’t like it, you’d know about it. It’s comfy. I pinky promise.


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