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Stress Free Nappy Changing

23/11/2016 1 Comments

It’s fair to say that when I had Bells I was more than a little unprepared. I’d managed thirty something years without changing a single nappy… which also meant I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully, I’m yet to contend with a nappy that won’t stay on, but that’s not to say I’ve not had my fair share of changing disasters.

Why is it that babies always wait until their nappy is off for the poopy train to arrive… when you’re in the toilets of a coffee shop… with only one nappy to hand?! Helpful. There was one occasion where I was forced to take Bells back to my seat to get a change of outfit along with YET ANOTHER nappy and found myself carrying her back semi-naked. It wasn’t my finest moment.

Thankfully with Bells being a girl, we’ve yet to experience wee in the eyes (it’s amazing how your standards lower when you have a baby) and it turns out that I’m not alone. According to research commissioned by WaterWipes 40% of parents believe that girls are easier to change than boys… which makes sense, no dangly bits to contend with.

According to the research, one third of parents feel totally unprepared ahead of the birth of their mini human and more than half are left feeling flustered post-nappy change! I hear ya.

Lisa Clegg, Parenting Expert (quite some title) and author of The Blissful Baby Expert has produced some tips to help make changing go smoothly… as smooth as a baby’s bum… see what you did there? Oh nevermind…

  1. Have a fresh nappy open & ready to slide on along with a couple of wipes out and to hand before you start undressing your messy monkey
  2. Talk to your mini human and maintain eye contact to keep them calm & relaxed… they might cry but that’s their way of communicating with you, it doesn’t always mean that they’re upset
  3. Keep going. Picking them up to calm & soothe them, whilst lovely will only prolong the process, so keep going to get it done as soon as possible and then there’s plenty of time for post-change snuggles
  4. Distraction is key. Give them a toy or a teether to play with so that they start to associate changing time with fun rather than just stress. Noise effects are always a winner in our house as are raspberries on the belly…
  5. Stock up on basics. Make sure that you have plenty of vests so that when the inevitable poonami happens, you’re OK with having a few casualties that just get chucked in the bin. No point crying over spilled poop!

Of course, all of the usual rules apply… wipe from front to back, ensure everything is squeaky clean, nice & dry and use wipes that avoid irritating their skin. We love WaterWipes as they’re made from 99.9% water (thus the name) and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract meaning it’s super kind to mini bums!

This is a sponsored post but all words and thoughts are my own.

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  1. NewMummy


    Oh my god, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for before I had Jack! Pee in the eyes is a regular occurence.

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