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Hypnobirthing myths dispelled…

24/03/2016 Comments Off on Hypnobirthing myths dispelled…

I’m dead set against Hypnotherapy. So many people have suggested it to me for different things over the years and yet every time I think of it, I’ve got visions of that awful stage hypnotist I saw on holiday in Benidorm during my late teens.

However, when more than a handful of people mentioned Hypnobirthing to me & told me that it completely transformed their birthing experience (with more than 2 saying it hurt less!), I was more than willing to give it a go. Call it desperation if you will.

So far, it’s been amazing, I’ve got nothing but good things to say. Having attended a couple of sessions, I thought it would be good to report back on some myths that you may have heard that aren’t (shockingly!) true…

  1. You don’t have to wear open-toed sandals and have slightly yellow toenails to attend.
  2. There’s no chanting.
  3. You don’t hold hands in a circle.
  4. There’s no count of 10 after which you have to play your air guitar to ‘Living on a Prayer’
  5. Clothes aren’t restricted to those of the floral, floaty variety.
  6. Deodorant is fully encouraged.
  7. The course doesn’t take place in a field, or a tent.
  8. You won’t feel the urge to act drunk (sadly!).
  9. There’s no depositing of any keys in any bowls.
  10. You’re awake throughout, you don’t get to sleep for 2.5 hours… unless you’re my husband that is.

I’m actually planning on writing a follow-up post with the principles of Hynobirthing with some of the things that I’ve learned so far. However, if any of the above has been keeping you awake at night, as I’m sure it has, rest assured my friend, you’re safe.

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