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End of week gratitude

12/02/2016 1 Comments

It’s Friday… OK, it’s actually Friday night, but it’s not too late to be grateful for the week. This week, some things that have made me super happy include:

  1. Midwife Appt. I had my 24 week midwives appointment with my doctor (confusing I know) and baby is the perfect size for this stage of the pregnancy, which is great. Turns out I’ve been suffering with Hypermesis and so I was worried bub wouldn’t be getting the nutrients it needs, but it turns out I was worrying about nothing. Story of my life.
  2. Catching up With Fran. With Dickie away for a week with work, it gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up with this little one and much hilarity ensued. I’m so blessed with friends.
  3. Dickie Coming Home. Although it’s never ideal when Dickie’s sent out of base, it’s always nice to look forward to him coming home. This week was no different, apart from the fact that my bump had doubled in size by the time he got back ?
  4. Meditation. I took advantage of having the cottage to myself on Thursday night to light the candles, dim the lights & listen to a guided meditation MP3. I fell asleep through the whole thing, woke squashed by a cat & dribbling but it still counts as meditation right?
  5. Hypnobirthing. With the growing realisation that what goes in has to come out, I’ve started thinking A LOT about labour. I’ve managed to book myself onto a Hypnobirthing course which I’m geekily excited about.

I hope that you’ve had a good week? What’s been your highlight? Do you have plans for Valentines? I’d love to hear.

M xox

Melanie Kentish

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  1. JJ


    Good luck with these 😉 I was with you on pretty much all of them, and have broken pretty much all of them.

    Your life changes. YOU change. The person you’ll be in a year will look back on this in amusement…. X

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