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End of week gratitude…

29/04/2016 Comments Off on End of week gratitude…

Another week has passed and I can’t believe that May is almost upon us. Bank Holiday anyone??

It’s been quite a week (again!), so here’s this week’s gratitude list…

1.  Our Baby Shower. Last Sunday we gathered our friends and family to have one last hoorah before the little madam makes her appearance. We wanted to do something together rather than something for just the girls and it was a great opportunity to get many of the same people together as our wedding. I had a moment where I looked around and felt so lucky that we have so many awesome people in our lives.

2. Seeing mum. My family came up from Bristol for the Baby Shower which was lovely as I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. It was great to see my mum and to grab some mum hugs.

3. Hearing baby’s heartbeat. Baby decided to teach me a lesson by not moving on Monday which I think was her way of getting her own back for me over-doing it the day before. The team at Frimley were amazing and having been in a lengthy struggle to try and switch there as our hospital of choice, it looks as though things are now progressing after our trip there to monitor her, which is great news.

4. Seeing friends. I’ve tried to take some time out of the house where I’ve been cleaning incessantly to leave the house and catch up with friends. It’s been really lovely to have some time for myself – consider it the calm before the storm.

5. Finishing NCT. We’ve finally finished our last NCT (antenatal) classes. I felt like we should have been presented with a certificate but alas, no… apparently we’re ready to be parents. I’m not sure that I agree with that, but I’m ready to figure things out. We ended up with a nice group of people and so it’s great to have made friends with people who are in the same situation.

Hugo is finally on the mend a little. Still not great, but we’re spoiling him rotten and he’s certainly making the most of it.

I hope that you have a great Bank Holiday. What do you have planned?

Much love, M xox

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