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Awkward with a capital A…

17/01/2017 Comments Off on Awkward with a capital A…

You may remember that some time ago, I posted about Dickie’s bedtime routine with Bells being somewhat questionable? After the third night in a row of Dickie using Bells as an aeroplane, flying her around, doing somersaults when I asked him to get her ready for bed, I decided it was time to intervene and introduce “calm and relaxed”.

Taking on board my advice/orders, he introduced baby massage before bed. This alone would sound perfect you’d think. Having attended a baby massage course, I taught him all of the best tricks to get Bells snoozy for bed in the hope of getting a few more zzzzz’s. However, it was at this point that he took it upon himself to add a Thai accent, offering her a “Thai Lady Massage”, because apparently that’s the best massage in town.

This has now become somewhat of a thing and happens whenever it’s his turn to get her ready for bed. Not ideal by any means, but if it means that Bells is more chilled and Dickie leaves his flying for work, all is good with me. Months in and the Thai Lady Massage still makes a regular occurrence.

You can then only imagine my dismay when last week whilst walking past my regular nail salon, the Thai owner came out to see Bells. “Oh look how big she is” she said excitedly, cooing over the little monkey. Bells takes this opportunity to melt into fits of laughter, pointing and chuckling at the poor lady who responds with “wow, she so happy”, which didn’t do anything to stop the fits of laughter from Bells who I genuinely think had forgotten to breath at this point.

Bells threw her arms out to the side, arching her back in her carrier, exposing as much of herself as possible. She actually thought that she was going to receive a massage… there and then… in the middle of the street… by a Thai lady she’d never met before.

I had to excuse myself as quickly as possible, practically running with Bells down the street. I guess I’ll have to find a new salon…

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