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12 Newborn baby essentials we couldn’t live without…

15/09/2016 Comments Off on 12 Newborn baby essentials we couldn’t live without…

I hit 30 weeks pregnant and panic set in… there was so much left to buy… and so I went crazy. You know what it’s like, you want to cover every eventuality and as the excitement builds, so does your spending. If only I’d known what I know now.

Whenever I meet anyone that’s pregnant, I feel the need to pass on gems that I’ve found along the way. I wish that someone had done the same for me, it would have saved me a fortune. Of course, there are standard things that are functional and do their jobs, but the following list I genuinely couldn’t live without.


  1. 4Moms MamaRoo Bouncer – This was quite a pricey purchase and so I put it off for a number of weeks but I wish that I’d bought it immediately. You can pop your little rascal in, secure them with a harness and automatically bounce your baby, play a variety of songs and noises, or allow you to attach your iPhone. Speaking as someone who’s developed arm muscles I never knew existed, I can’t tell you how grateful I was for this bouncer. It stops any crying immediately and generally will keep Bells entertained for a house clean or a shower, hair dry and makeup. It buys you time, which is invaluable, especially if you’re home alone with your time thief.


2. Chicco Next To Me Crib – We bought a beautiful Danish crib that was going to sit alongside our bed. It was felt, it was Scandi-cool, it was useless. Bells hated not being able to see us and by the time I’d placed her in the crib, I’d disturbed her and she was awake again. After ONE night at home with her, we rushed out and bought the thing we’d said we’d never buy – a Co-Sleeper. It was awesome. Now in the night, when it comes to feeds, I can simply feed her and slide her back to her space in the bed, knowing she’s close but safe at the same time, out of the way of my fidgeting husband.


3. Sleepyhead Deluxe Portable Baby Pod – We use this inside of the Chicco Crib. It keeps her snug, helping her to feel secure and delivering more Z’s for us. Everyone’s a winner. During the day, I carry it down and use it on the sofa for daytime naps as well as taking it with us when we travel. It’s incredible.


4. Cybex Priam Lux Seat, Autumn Gold with Cloud Q Group 0+ Baby Car Seat – Dickie has to take all of the credit for this one. I tasked him with finding a pram and the boy did good! The pram is uber stylish, really light to handle and what’s more, the car seat can be used on the frame and goes fully flat. This has meant that we haven’t touched the carrycot that we bought for the pram as we really haven’t needed it. Save some money and splurge on some extras, like a coffee cup holder ;D


5. easidream® Ewan the Dream Sheep – Everyone raved about Ewan. Ewan this and Ewan that, so I thought we needed Ewan in our lives and it turns out we did. He emits a soft pink light and has a number of different sounds, from a beating heart to rain. The white noise has been our secret to getting Bells to sleep and it great if you need to travel as it’s something familiar to comfort her. When I’ve been desperate to get her to sleep during the day, Ewan has sometimes made an outing with us in her pram. However, it has to be said, if you choose to sleep with the rain sound, it can be somewhat confusing to wake up to brilliant sunshine in the morning and not a puddle in sight.


6. Jem + Bea Leather Tote Changing Bag – This was my splurge purchase, but it’s one of the best things that I own. It has loads of handy pockets, not to mention a really good quality changing mat, bottle bag etc. I carry it with pride, even when I’m not with Bells as it just looks like a really cool tote bag. I had the tag personalised with all 3 of our initials, because I’m sad like that. I ordered the bag clips to go on to the pram which is mega handy (and has prevented it from being stolen once already!) and means you’ll always have your essentials to hand… great when you’ve got a poonami to contend with.


7. Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump – OK, I know that this is a bit of a dull one, but having a dual pump buys you time, which any mum will tell you is sparse at the best of times. It’s fast, it’s easy to use… it does what it says on the tin.


8. Mophie Juice Pack Reserve Portable Charger for iPhone – I’m chewing through phone power like never before. Whether it’s taking yet more snaps of Bells doing exactly the same thing as yesterday or making notes of her naps and feeds in an app, I seem to constantly be attached to my phone, so having a backup power source is essential! However, it can cause some friction when your husband takes ownership of said charger.


9. Minbie Newborn Feeding Kit – We have a whole cupboard of bottles. 27 to be precise. Breastfeeding is hard, I had no idea how dedicated you’d have to be to keep it up and therefore when Bells refused to take a bottle you can imagine my desperation. Dickie became a “heavy sleeper” because he was unable to assist with night feeds and I was my wits end. Then somebody told me about Minbie and Bells took it immediately. Now, when we’re on holiday and she’s hot, she’s much rather take my milk from a bottle than from me, I have a life again. #DateNight


10. Bobble Infuse Water Bottle – OK, this sounds like a strange one, but when you’re pinned to your bed, trying to get your over-tired sleep thief to snooze, it’s amazing how grateful you are to have a drink with you. Having a bottle with a strap makes it easy to pop onto your wrist, keeping your hands free for carrying your little wriggler. I couldn’t live without it.


11. Theraline Baby Pillow – Three weeks passed and we’d started to notice that Bells head was going slightly flat at the back. Desperate to keep her perfect, we bought this pillow and it seems to have done the trick. We use it in her bed and sometimes in her pram. Now to figure out how to fix her pokey out ears….


12. John Lewis Extra Large Muslins – I adore Aden & Anais muslins for their softness but you can’t beat John Lewis for their size. Bigger really is better when it comes to muslins and breastfeeding! They’re great for everything, from covering your baby’s mattress, clearing up baby puke (nice) or keeping your dignity when you haven’t quite got brave enough to just whip out your boobs yet. They’re fab.

I hope that helps in some way. I’d love to hear what your golden gems have been…

M xox

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