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11 Perks to having a baby at Christmas

22/12/2016 1 Comments

I can’t believe that Christmas is upon us! Having finally made it out of the cloud of blur which is being a new parent, we’ve entered into the “my baby has gone back to sleeping (or not) like a newborn and I have no idea why”. Therefore most days have been days of survival, leaving me with very little time to blog, or shower… so I apologise.

If you, like me, are experiencing your first Christmas with a mini human, it’s likely that you’ll be just as excited. Having vowed I wasn’t going to buy Bells every toy under the sun as she’s not old enough to take everything in, our living room is bursting at the seams with gifts. Go figure.

It dawned on me the other day that there are quite a few perks to having a baby at Christmas, namely:

  1. You aren’t pregnant (hopefully) = champagne. Pump & dump my friend. Family will seem so much funnier and more pleasant this year.
  1. You get to put out mince pies for Santa (and eat them), best to start traditions early.
  1. Extra presents. All babies buy presents for their mums, right?
  1. Cuddles on tap… without the other person complaining they’re too hot or asking whether you’ve got beer fear. Rolly eye emoji.
  1. You can legitimately dress them as santa/reindeer/snowman and get away with it.
  1. They won’t complain about your cooking…because they can’t. However, it will probably still be thrown in the bin (friggin’ weaning).
  1. You’ve got an excuse to get people to come to you for Christmas. No more designated driver.
  1. Someone to laugh at your jokes, or face, whatevs.
  1. You can finally visit Santa at the local garden centre and submit your wishes, ahem, I mean the baby’s wishes, for Christmas.
  1. Family on hand mean babysitters on hand… READ: Naps.
  1. Your baby’s pram doubles as a very expensive shopping trolley, saving your poor arms as you traipse around town.

Whatever you’re doing with your little tribe this Christmas, I hope you have an amazing one. Thank you for sharing my life changing, heart swelling, eye opening journey this year. You all rock!

M xox

Melanie Kentish

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  1. Dawn


    My understanding is no need to pump and dump! As long as you are safe to look after baby you’re OK to feed. Just no co-sleeping! (So no booze for me anyway doh!)

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