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Would you know what to do in an emergency?

18/02/2016 Comments Off on Would you know what to do in an emergency?

There’s nothing like pregnancy to encourage the onset of some serious paranoia. At first that begins in thinking the worst will happen to bump and then gradually as time passes, the reality dawns that this thing is actually happening & you’re going to be a parent. You’re going to be responsible for a little person. Scary.

Throw into the mix horror stories, such as the recent news of the poor parents who lost their daughter to Sepsis and you find yourself hurtling towards a whole world of panic. Truth be known, if anything happened to anyone around me, let alone my child, up until now I really wouldn’t have a clue what to do. I did a first aid course at school, but let’s face it I was 14 & could barely breath through laughter at the prospect of giving mouth to mouth to a dummy (I was young!). I don’t think that counts.

Therefore, when I was contacted by Mini First Aid Bristol about their course, it seemed like the perfect solution. Unlike many of the traditional first aid courses that exist, MFA offer two hour courses all over the city (they’re also a national network if you’re based elsewhere in the UK) in a relaxed environment where parents are encouraged to bring their babies with them – no babysitters required here!

The course covers all of the essentials that you’ll need to cover most first aid emergencies including CPR, choking, bumps, burns, breaks, bleeds, seizures & meningitis awareness – all for £20.

What’s more, after you’ve become a First Aid Ninja (a term made up by me, not an official title that you’ll be able to adopt sadly), there’s a chance to socialise with the other parents over tea & cake, what’s not WINNING about that?

As a former girl guide, we were always told “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Would you know what do if there was an emergency?

If you live in the Bristol area and are interested in attending one of the Mini First Aid courses, you can contact Zoe Hunt at zoe@minifirstaid.co.uk.

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