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The first Saturday morning of every month is always my favourite. It’s the time where local farmers and producers get to sell their goods at Windsor’s Farmer Market on St. Leonards Road. As a massive supporter of local produce and organic foods, I always try to stop by to top up the cupboards… whether it’s bread, veggies, meats, cheeses, pickles and preserves or flowers… there’s a massive variety to choose from.


There’s something really lovely about talking to the people that make many of the items from hand to understand better the passion that goes into making the food. Take for instance, the home made butter that I picked up and is simply divine…. (not so divine for my waist line).


The Organic Bread Shop is one of my favourite places to stop by on a daily basis for the amazing coffee that they make. They stock Flower Power City Bakery bread which I’ve always drooled over but never got around to purchasing. Yesterday, the boy and I bought one of their largest loaves (the boy was convinced that he’d get through the whole thing). Surprisingly, we were told that the way that the bread is made means that it’s actually at its best after 4 days and can last up to 2 weeks!

If you’re nearby or just visiting Windsor for the weekend, it’s well worth spending the time to venture a bit further afield from the Castle to pay the street market a visit. Make sure you take plenty of cash!

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