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I love blogs. I read them when I wake up. I read them when I go to bed. I’ve made a living out of reading them for work. I read them on my phone on the train. I save them offline when I’m on the tube.  I pay for additional data when I’m on abroad so that I can read them on holiday. I’ve got myself a healthy little addiction going and I’m not even ashamed of it.

I’ve been wanting to write a post now, sharing some of my favourite sites… the issue is, with every week that passes, I find another blogger crush. It’s painful I tell you – how’s a girl ever meant to get any sleep? Thank God for under eye cream!

Lydia Elise Millen

I love this girl. She’s amazing. Not only will she inspire you to eat clean and to work out (she has a figure to die for), she has impeccable taste in fashion. I’ve been an internet buddy with Lydia for a while now and her Instagram following has BOOMED in that time, which is no surprise when you check out her gorgeous photography skills.

Hollie Wakeham

I discovered Hollie a little while ago now after she did a cosmetics review for a client of mine. Her YouTube channel is a must-watch for re-creating celebrity looks. The thing I love about Hollie is that she makes the looks really accessible and is super friendly and funny, which makes the videos entertaining. I particularly loved this video where she responds to some of her haters.

Sugar And Cloth

This gorgeous blog inspires me on a daily basis to be more creative and to live a life more beautiful. Then I find myself finishing work late, the light for photography having gone down and promising that tomorrow, definitely tomorrow, I’ll get around to doing something crafty.

Rock n Roll Bride

Kat writes this gorgeous wedding blog with a difference. I’m sure that you’ve all heard of the blog – it’s one of the biggest on the interwebs. It’s my favourite read when the boy’s out. Don’t tell him. I mean I’m totally cool with not being married. Totes. Ahem.

Cookie and Kate

This gorgeous blog is a must read for any foodies. I particularly like it as it contains lots of clean recipes and plenty for veggies! All hail the veggies… we aren’t freaks and we don’t just eat cheese, I promise – although it is bloody good.

Sincerely Jules

I challenge you to find anyone who doesn’t follow Jules and love her style. All of my friends, whether blog-reading interweb people or not, love her. I want to marry her. Oh screw it, I want to be with her. I’m a massive fan girl. As you were.

Now that I’m officially the uncoolest person you know, hey someone needs to take that title, I’ll leave you to oggle. I know you want to.

Have an EPIC Thursday.

Love you long time, M xox


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