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Top 10 Books as Bedtime Stories for Babies & Toddlers

19/05/2017 2 Comments

I’m a massive fan of reading to Bells and she seems to love books, so we often spend hours browsing book stores picking out new books to read together. Generally this consists of me offering her a pile of books and her throwing the majority on the floor. The ones that don’t get thrown, come home with us.

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Storytime has become one of my favourite parts of her bedtime routine and I’ve read enough to tell a good story when I see one. At this stage in her development (coming up to a year), it’s good for her to have stories which rhyme to help her learn about intonation and they’re more fun to read too.


I’ve created a video to take you through our top 10 and have included links for each of the books below:


  1. Kitchen Disco by Clare Foges & Al Murphy
  2. Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph
  3. The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright
  4. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
  5. Grrrr! by Rob Biddulph
  6. The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright
  7. Sunk! by Rob Biddulph
  8. Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson & Lucy Richards
  9. Blown Away by Rob Biddulph
  10. There’s a Bear on my Chair by Ross Collins

I haven’t been paid to promote these books, or gifted any of them, I just genuinely think they’re good and am always on the look out for new ones, so if you have any recommendations, please do let me know. I’ve linked through to Waterstones for all of the books above as they seem to have amazing discounts at the moment, but you can find them in all good book stores.

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  1. Laura


    My 1yo Bobble’s loves There’s A Bear On My Chair – his favourite bedtime books (in addition to several others on your list) are

    The new Winnie the Pooh: The Great Huffalump Hunt. It’s just the right length to get him off to sleep

    Poems from When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six by AA Milne. Binker, King Johns Christmas and Sneezles & Wheezles are his favourites.

    The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep

    Room on the Broom – because there’s only so many times I can read the Gruffalo. This is actually my favourite Julia Donaldson.

    We even dug out the books my mum read to me so we are enjoying The Tiger Who Lost His Stripes as well.

    • Melanie Kentish


      Amazing, I’ll have to give those a go. Thanks so much! x

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