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12/09/2018 Comments Off on TODDLER HAIR; THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL

Bells was born bald. Totally bald. I remember brushing the skin on her head in the hope it would stimulate her follicles but nothing. Turns out that I just make babies that way as Millie is pretty much the same.

However, after one very long year, she finally started to grow some strands (or primary terminal hair for those hair boffins out there) and now she’s somewhat of a wild animal when she wakes in the morning. She has the most gorgeous blonde curls, which I love more than anything in the world… however with the hair comes the tangles, and trust me, bathtime has become a little less fun now that Bells doesn’t want me touching them.

Therefore, when I was introduced to the Shiny Drops range from Johnnson’s, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. For a start, it smelt of holidays, all fruity and fresh; but it also has a Kids Conditioner Spray which is intended to really help with the tangles.

From the moment that I tried it on Bells, I was completely in love! I used the shampoo to remove the excesses from the day (read: unwanted dinner) before adding conditioner and then rinsing. Whilst I ended up soaked in the process, Bells independence is in full force and so letting her attempt to rinse her own hair definitely helped the process . Then for the final step – the spray. I evenly coated her hair with the spray before combing (whilst in the bath to prevent her from running away) and the brush went straight through. AMAZING.

Each of the products have a drop of Argan Oil and a touch of silk proteins meaning that it’s also improved the shine and texture of her hair in the process. Winning all round.

I must admit, I had been tempted in the past to use a drop of my own hair products on her, but baby hair is so different from adult hair. It’s a lot finer and therefore it’s important that the products you use on them are super gentle. That said, I love the Shiny Drops range so much that I’ve started using it on my own hair…. much to Bells dismay!

Do you have a haircare routine for your munchkin? Any tips you care to share? I’d love to hear from you.

M xox

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