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Today I loved my bump… for the first time

14/01/2016 7 Comments

Today I loved my bump for the first time… and it’s an amazing feeling. When I say bump, I don’t mean baby… of course that was instant love. Instead, I’m referring to my gradually expanding waistband which is now stopping me from wearing my favourite jeans and has had me up until now, feeling less than attractive.

Of course, I appreciate that mine is not a normal pregnancy. If I’m honest, I fell pregnant at a time where I wasn’t fully recovered and as much as I wanted a baby, I didn’t think it would be possible. I guess I just hadn’t fully prepared myself for how hard I would find it at times.

People assume that when you fall pregnant you must all of a sudden be better. They think it’s OK to ask to see your waist, to analyze the size of your stomach, to pass judgement on whether they think it’s big or small. Yet every part of me wants, or should I say wanted, to hide my body away in shame.

When the midwife visited last week (with broken English) I asked whether my bump was too big in comparison to other womens. He told me that it was usual to compare ourselves and not to worry, my ‘bumpie’ would be here soon. I guess most women want their bump to appear… they’re eager for it to happen. I, on the other hand, wanted to hold it off for as long as possible… even though I wanted the baby to grow and be healthy.

Then, a few days ago, I went from looking bloated to having a neat little bump… and every single fear, hang up & anxiety melted away. I found clothes that would show my tummy rather than hide it and I could look in the mirror without feeling disgusted. That’s massive for me.

Today, we went for our 20 week scan. We saw our healthy, ACTIVE little person kicking away and wiggling their arms around. The Sonographer confirmed that they’re perfectly formed and the correct weight for 20 weeks. I couldn’t have fallen in love more.

Now I am able to look at my bump, visualising our Mini-Me growing. I can feel pride that every time I eat something that I never would have dreamed of eating last year. I am OK in the knowledge that my body will continue to change, that I am out of control… I can deal with that. I am so ecstatic to be pregnant and I am going to enjoy the next 20 weeks rather than being hung up on my looks. I finally feel free.

M xox

p.s. we celebrated with Nandos! 🙂

Melanie Kentish

Hi! My name's Mel and I'm a 30 something blogger living in Windsor, UK with my two ginger cats and a rather handsome husband. White Cotton Peonies is the place where you'll find my ramblings on health, fashion, beauty, food and my random adventures as a soon-to-be mum. Enjoy.


  1. Angela


    This literally melted my heart!! I am so happy for you not just for the miracle of life you have been blessed with but that you can now look at yourself finally in a healthy way I hope your self love grows with your bump. Keep smiling gorgeous xx

    • Melanie Kentish


      Aw thanks beauty, that’s such a lovely thing to say! I really appreciate it. I hope that you’re well and all is good in your world! 🙂 x

  2. Katie


    What a gorgeous post! So pleased to hear you are feeling comfortable with bump now. Enjoy watching it grow xx

    • Melanie Kentish


      Thanks Katie! With the growing bump comes increasing kicks – it’s certainly active, that’s for sure! xx

  3. Catherine


    Definitely teared up a bit reading this Mel. So happy for you, you beautiful strong lady x

  4. Lisa Price


    Hi Mel, when I manage find time to sit down from my own brood and read your blog (now, yippee) it’s so wonderful to read these updates from you. I may not have seen you since we worked together all those years ago but I’m really proud to say I know you….you are an inspiration! Enjoy every second of the pregnancy as that tiny person you say hello to at the end is so worth it ??

    • Melanie Kentish


      Thanks so much lovely, that’s such a lovely thing to say. I’m fully embracing it now, although the full on kicks as soon as the radio is heard, probably less so! 🙂 x

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