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Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe Playmat: A REVIEW

07/11/2018 Comments Off on Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe Playmat: A REVIEW

It’s fair to say that describing me as sleep deprived would be more than a slight understatement… which can be the only reason I can think of that I wrote a whole post months ago and didn’t post it!

The lovely folks at Tiny Love kindly sent us their Gymini Deluxe playmat from their new Into The Forest Collection just after Millie was born and she’s been captivated ever since. Having been given a second hand playmat from her sister (story of her life… second child syndrome!), it was definitely an upgrade.

The mat is nice and cushioned which was great for when Millie was a newbie but even better since she’s a clumsy roller/crawler. It walks the fine line between having bright colours and fun characters to encourage her imagation, growth and discovery whilst still remaining stylish enough that I don’t mind having it lying around the house.

Unlike any other playmat that I’ve seen, this one has an interactive electronic woodpecker that lights up and plays different tunes which is activated by movement. It’s basically baby crack. Millie loves it!

As she’s growing at a rate of knots and is determined to be sitting bolt upright at all times, I’ve been able to remove the adjustable arches and remove the Tiny Pioneer toys for her to play with independently.  Each is designed to support the Seven Developmental Wonders, helping cognition, motor skills, imagination and language. She now loves them so much that we have to take them with her in the car to keep her entertained.

You can read more about the new Into The Forest range here. It’s genuinely been a god send in our house, especially when I need to buy 10 minutes to shower… set it up in the bathroom and hello cleanliness!



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