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Things only pregnant women Google…

29/02/2016 1 Comments

I’m pretty sure if you looked at my Google search history it would resemble the evolution of an ape – going from looking at the newest underground clubs & fashion trends through to weddings, interiors & now babies. That alone isn’t too alarming, it’s natural you might think, until, that is, you look at the actual searches that I’m now making.

I took the time to document some searches that I may, or may not (ahem!), have recently made. The results were alarming:

  1. Perineal Massage
  2. Do I REALLY have to do Perineal massage?
  3. Do husbands ever REALLY do Perineal Massage on their wives?
  4. When bump kicks to music is it because they like the tune or not?
  5. Can you change your unborn baby’s taste in music?
  6. Why does my baby like Justin Bieber?
  7. Why don’t I have a baby bump yet? Is it normal?
  8. Closest McDonalds open 24/7
  9. Do McDonalds do delivery?
  10. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?
  11. Can the baby feel anything during sex when you’re pregnant?
  12. Is my baby bump too big?
  13. Do nipples leak milk during sex?
  14. WTF do nipples leak milk during sex?
  15. Natural birth videos
  16. Is an epidural really that bad for the baby?
  17. Does everyone raise their eyebrows when doing pelvic floor exercises?
  18. Are you allowed botox during pregnancy?

If these are the searches that I’m making before having a mini-human thrust upon me, god knows what it will look like when they arrive. Someone confiscate my computer…

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Melanie Kentish

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  1. Antony BC


    You could change “Pregnant Women” to “Expectant Parents” – Some of this stuff freaks out New Dads too ( and I guarantee ALL new dads have googled 10 and 11!)

    …and No.6?? Have a word! 😉 That’s probably worse than watching No.15!


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