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Over the coming weeks, I’m planning on sharing a Wedding Series using the hints and tips that I learned from planning our wedding single-handedly this summer. As an events planner by trade, I had planned everything down to the finest detail and so I thought that by sharing some of my OCD, I might be able to help others. I’ll be covering everything from choosing suppliers to delegating tasks to make your day run as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

First up this week… the location.

Dickie and I both have connections with Bristol. I lived there until my mid-20s, whilst Dickie was based out of Bristol for a number of years. We went to the same clubs and at one point, lived just one street apart and yet never met. I believe that it’s because the timing wouldn’t have been right. It was worth the wait.

When it came to deciding where we wanted to get married, it seemed only natural that Bristol would be the place. We both still have friends and/or family there too.


When it comes to choosing your location, I’d suggest considering the following:

  1. Where is personal to both of you?

  2. How many guests do you want?

  3. Are there critical people that you want at the wedding? Will they be able to make it to your dream location? What happens if they can’t?

  4. What are the options for the ceremony and reception?

  5. Will there be added expense for organising transport between the two?

  6. Would you like to re-visit the venue after the wedding?

  7. Are there any iconic landmarks that would create gorgeous photos?

The above really helped us when we were deciding whether to do it at home or abroad. It really mattered to us that we wanted our dearest and nearest there and knew that we’d be restricting that if we went abroad, particularly with our elderly grandparents. We also loved the idea of being able to re-live the happy memories each time we went back to Bristol.


I’m not saying that a UK wedding is for everyone – the idea of escaping is also incredibly appealing but it’s worth chatting through with the people that you’d really like there. Never make assumptions.

Organising the wedding in Bristol has made me fall in love with the city all over again. I thoroughly enjoyed going back once a month to go to church and it gave us a great opportunity to catch up with friends that we might otherwise see less regularly.


I hope that gives you some food for thought. I’d love to hear from you about where you chose for your location or if you’re still at planning phase, what’s on your list. Leave a comment below.

Next in the series is “The Church”. This series is brought to you in conjunction with our awesome wedding photographer Lightbox Studios (I wasn’t paid to say that ?, he’s just really lovely).

M xox


Melanie Kentish

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  1. Antony - Lightbox Studios


    Loving the advice already. A great idea for prospective brides looking for good, sensible ideas and advice.
    Nice one Mel.

    Amazing photos too! 😉

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