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The teether that Bells won’t put down…

24/03/2017 Comments Off on The teether that Bells won’t put down…

I have a small confession to make. Last week, I was contacted by the lovely team at Matchstick Monkey asking whether I’d like to review one of their teethers. I played it cool, pacing on the spot for a good 7 mins 40 secs before responding to say that I’d give it a go.

This is where the confession comes in. I already have 2 at home. I couldn’t live without them and as any good parent knows, when you find something that works, you buy multiple quantities of them…. so I certainly wasn’t going to say no to another.

So, let me share with you the wonder that is Matchstick Monkey! I first discovered it when we visited a friend’s house. Bells immediately dismissed her toys in favour for my friend’s daughter’s monkey and refused to let it out of her death grip until we left at which point a tug of war broke out. How can something so small be so strong? I digress.


As soon as we got home, I went online and ordered one and Bells has loved it ever since. It’s maid of a soft silicone meaning that it’s nice and chewy without being hard on her gums and has long thin arms making it perfect for her chunky little mitts to grip.


The best bit though is the bumpy head. The back of the monkey’s head is textured which makes it great for applying teething gels or granules. Whilst I’d have been able to do that with my finger when she was younger, now that she has teeth, her automatic reaction is to bite as soon as anything goes near her mouth (goodbye breastfeeding!) and therefore getting to her gums is near impossible. She loves the texture and will quite happily chomp on it for hours, applying the pain relief without her even realising. Sneaky.


Now, I know that I shouldn’t say this, but what the heck… I also love their range of really bright colours. Whilst Sophie la Giraffe might have worked as a teether in the past (without the ability to apply the gels!), I’m so sick of seeing every baby with them, that it’s nice to have something a little bit different. Sorry Sophie.

I genuinely can’t recommend the Matchstick Monkey highly enough. If your little muncher is growing gnashers, you need one in your life (and I’m not being paid to say that)… they cost £9.99.  To the team, I’m sorry I wasn’t upfront, but the monkey’s so god damn good!

M xox

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