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The Reality of Baby’s First Day At Nursery

09/03/2017 Comments Off on The Reality of Baby’s First Day At Nursery

Bells has reached 9 months – the point at which I’d always said I would send her to nursery for a couple of mornings per week. This wasn’t something that I wanted for myself (although a few hours to myself would be nice), it was so that she’d get to socialise with other babies, learning to have toys stolen and not have someone pander to her every whim.

After a number of settling in sessions, the big day finally came this week… Bells started nursery. I had a very definite idea of how things would go. I prepared myself for tears and tantrums, arms outstretched not wanting me to leave. The reality was somewhat different from that…. the only tears and outstretched arms were mine after Bells happily went to her carer without a single look backwards. Whilst it was a massive relief, I couldn’t help but feel a twang of pain in the reality that I’m no longer her whole world… she’s growing up and becoming independent already. ARGH, I’m so not ready for that.

There’s a number of other things that happen to be playing out differently from how I thought they might…

Bare Faced

Before starting nursery:
“I’ll get straight out of bed, get her dressed, jump in the car and then I’ll get showered & ready when I’m home”.

“I’ll just have a quick shower and pop a little bit of makeup on incase I bump into somebody that I know”.


Before starting nursery:
“It’ll be awesome, she can have breakfast and lunch at nursery, so that’s two whole days where I won’t have to deal with mealtime tantrums and food explosions”.

“I’ll need to get up earlier to give Bells breakfast before she goes and then prepare some lunch after picking her up as I know she won’t have eaten a thing”.

Me Time

Before starting nursery:
“It’ll be so nice to drink hot coffee and to have some time to blog”.

“I spent 2 hours distracted trying not to call the nursery before admitting defeat and calling to check up on her, before attacking the house cleaning that bothers me each time I sit down to write”.


Before starting nursery:
“I’m going to make sure I don’t offer her milk as soon as I collect her as I want her to take the formula whilst she’s there”.

“I need to pick her up quickly, my boobs are about to explode”.

Needless to say, things aren’t quite panning out how I’d planned. I’m sure that when I get into more of a routine, things will get easier. How did you find nursery? Do you have any tips? Has your mini munchkin gone on hunger strike when they first joined?

M xox

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