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That time I asked my husband to dry the baby…

16/09/2016 3 Comments

We’d had a long day on the road after visiting family in Bristol. Bells was completely freaked out after we were caught in a huge hail storm on the way home (severe enough to dent the car, much to Dickie’s disapproval!). When we finally arrived home, I decided to take a bath with her before putting her to bed.

After a warm soak, keeping her soothed with a flannel whilst gently washing her, I called for Dickie to help get her dried before I put her down for the night. My parting words to him? Keep her calm and relaxed.

You can imagine my dismay when five minutes later I reappeared from the bathroom to find him pretending to be a Thai lady giving Bells a Thai massage click clacking up and down her back with his hands as he chatted excitedly to her in a Thai accent.

When I asked what he was doing, he looked at me baffled… “Getting her ready for bed”. With that he turned on his heel before helicoptering her up to the bedroom.

Needless to say she was nowhere near ready for sleep at that point but I could understand why it is now that he gets all the smiles….

I’d love to hear stories of your experiences with your partner calming your babies!

M xox

Melanie Kentish

Hi! My name's Mel and I'm a 30 something blogger living in Windsor, UK with my two ginger cats and a rather handsome husband. White Cotton Peonies is the place where you'll find my ramblings on health, fashion, beauty, food and my random adventures as a soon-to-be mum. Enjoy.


  1. Sam Hardacre


    *raises hand* guilty! Perhaps it’s just a Dad urge? 😀

    I think by this point my wife just let’s me crack on, he always sleeps eventually haha

  2. Sam


    Using the bed as a trampoline, taking it in turns to ‘tag team’ for wrestling, tickle fights, target throwing, nerf gun attacks…….. All around 7.20pm when bed time is 7.30! ? I gave up
    A long time ago with the ‘quiet bed time’ routine!! ???

  3. Katie


    Haha, I went out with some mum friends tonight and we had this very conversation! It seems they are unable not to try and get that giggle. If my husband puts Lottie to bed it takes her about an hour to settle!! Xx

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