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Feeding the ducks with a toddler & husband who’s afraid of birds!

ParentingWindsor / Nov 16, 2017 /

Having purchased a membership to Savill Gardens a few months ago, it’s become one of our favourite spots for spending a few hours on an afternoon. With perfectly preened gardens and lots of grass, it’s the perfect environment for Bells to let loose and to burn off some of that energy I so wish that I had. Oh, and there’s a pond…. A huge big pond with ducks, ducks that Bells loves to feed.

This week, Dickie joined us for one of our Savill Garden expeditions. We went armed with croissants and leftover pizza crusts (we had to make do with all that we could from lunch given we’d forgotten to arm ourselves before leaving the house) to feed the ducks so that Bells could excitedly shout ‘wak wak wak’, the closest to quacking that we’ve managed to get.

Now I should add at this point that Dickie has an irrational fear of birds… which I’m sure is pretty unfortunate when you fly for a living. When I say fear, he doesn’t just dislike them, he hates them. His disdain for birds is as great as his love for McDonalds, which is not to be underestimated. You can imagine his dismay when one time he was waiting for food in the waiting bay at McDonalds Drive-Thru and the guy came over to hand him his burger just as a pigeon landed on his wing mirror. Before I knew what was happening, the window was being buzzed up and down as Dickie battled to decide whether he really wanted the burger THAT much. That was a huge day.

So, back to feeding the ducks. It turns out that the fear isn’t just reserved for birds with pointy beaks… it extends to pretty little ducks also. Don’t even.

I hadn’t considered the issues that feeding the ducks with Dickie in tow might cause. We arrived at Savill Gardens and Bells rushed to the pond. As she stood there ‘wak wak wak’ing, she couldn’t wait to get her hands on our improvised duck feed. I noticed that Dickie was quieter than usual but thought that he was enjoying watching Bells in her element. Fast forward 10 minutes, some very short arms and an even shorter throw span and we pretty much had ducks (and birds) standing on our toes.

At this point, Dickie’s grip on Bells hood definitely tightened somewhat and whilst in no danger whatsoever, he’d started to guide her backwards. Realising what was happening, I couldn’t help but melt into fits of laughter… probably not the support that he needed. So my word of advice to all of you Mama’s out there… if your husband is afraid of birds, feeding the ducks probably isn’t the best way to spend an afternoon. Lesson learned.