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Our Little Miracle Cookie Monster

Thanks to the awesome http://www.ellamasters.co.uk/ for this gorgeous illustration x

Thanks to the awesome http://www.ellamasters.co.uk/ for this gorgeous illustration x

I found my Prince Charming. I got to marry him. My ‘Happily Ever After’ had begun. I couldn’t wish for anything more. Whilst a family was something that we knew would be a cherry on the top, we were realistic that with my health problems, it was unlikely to happen.

Then something magical happened and still to this day, the doctors aren’t sure how (well technicalities aside of course). I discovered I was pregnant. Our little family was to become three (or five if you include the cats). Without being too soft about the whole thing, I can’t help but feel that this was a special gift entrusted to me with the hope to keep me on the straight and narrow. To keep me from the grips of ED and put my own health and that of the little Cookie Monster first.

Blissfully unaware...

Blissfully unaware…

How I Found Out
It was day three of our honeymoon and I just didn’t feel right. Having cut my foot on coral (Captain Chaos ain’t got nothing on me) I needed to go to the pharmacy and decided to pick up a pregnancy test whilst I was there (well 3 if you want to be precise but we were in Fiji so they’re reliability was somewhat questionable). We’re talking about tests that were taken out of a big box behind the pharmacy counter and popped into a sandwich bag for you to take away. Confidence was definitely low.

I’d planned a fully inclusive honeymoon – champagne for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wanted to get rid of the niggling doubt so that I could get back to my sipping. Then the test showed positive. 12 tests later (probably about £200) and many trips into the local town, it was confirmed. I couldn’t believe it.


The really faint tick which led to me buying 11 more tests…

Fast forward 2.5 months and we’ve finally just had our 12 week scan. All has been confirmed as well and I can’t tell you what a relief that is. I’ve spent the whole time convinced that something was going to go wrong – not helped by the hormones. Oh, the hormones.

I still can’t quite believe it and Nelly Negative over here won’t truly be excited until the little bundle is delivered.

Why The Cookie Monster?

Ironically after years of never eating something “bad” like cookies, I’ve been craving them. When I say craving, I mean can’t focus on anything until I’ve eaten one, properly HANGRY craving. Whilst lots of my mind screams at me every time I want one (thanks ED), there are times where you just have to indulge, and so I have. The Cookie Monster wins.


Champagne has been replaced with Virgin Bloody Marys….

My Body

For now, I’ve still been squeezing into my size 6 jeans although I fear that won’t be for much longer. The same can’t be said for my underwear. Pamela Anderson had better watch out. Dickie thinks it’s his lucky day although with hormones all over the shop, it’s a strictly LOOK DON’T TOUCH policy.

I’m trying to stay as healthy as possible, cramming myself with fruits and vegetables to give TCM everything it needs. I’ve been supplementing that with Pregnacare Plus with Omega 3.

Still can't quite grasp that I've bagged such a treasure...

Still can’t quite grasp that I’ve bagged such a treasure…

The Future

I’m hoping to share my journey here (and to save my poor Facebook friends). I hope that it will become a space that The Cookie Monster can look back on to understand how loved they are and how in love their parents are. I really do feel like the cat that’s got the cream.

I also hope that it will inspire others with battles of their own to know that the unthinkable can happen. Fairytales do exist.

For now, I’d like to thank Dickie for loving me more than I ever thought could be possible. I’m going to be a mummy…

M xox