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Here comes the big aeroplane…

ParentingVideo / Jun 5, 2017 /

Another week has passed. I’m really enjoying my return to YouTube, mainly because I now have a reason to capture our every day; not just holidays or special occasions. I hope that in years to come, Bells will look back and be grateful that it’s recorded and she can see for herself just how much she’s loved.

I personally love this week’s video, mainly for Dickie feeding Bells breakfast… something so small but a memory that I’ll treasure forever. She’s changing so quickly at the moment, I swear that sometimes she changes overnight. One day she’s unable to crawl, the next she’s crawling, pulling herself up and feeding herself with a fork? Whilst I’m loving watching her grow, I do wish that it would slow down a bit!

In addition to my ad-hoc videos, I’m planning to now do a weekly video each Sunday with a roundup of our week. I hope that it’s not boring for everyone? It’s so exposing to put yourself out to the world like that… I didn’t really care back in my Randommel days, but it’s different when it’s my family.

Anyway, enough rambling. I hope that you enjoy it. I’d love your feedback and if you could take the time to subscribe, I’d be so grateful.

Big love,

M xox