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End of week gratitude…

LifestylePersonal / Feb 26, 2016 /

I have to be honest, this is a pretty tough post to write this week after what can only be best described as a testing week. Having had our car stolen, dramas with car hire & having been up to my eyes in work, it’s safe to say I’ll be pleased when this week is over.

However, in the spirit of the post, it’s always good to look for positive, right? So this week…

  1. Hanging with friends. Saturday saw our friends Gemma & Jason head to Windsor which gave us the perfect opportunity for us to show them around. Every time I introduce somebody new to the town, it reminds me of why I love it so much. We’re really lucky to live here.
  2. Hugo. Hugo is very much on the mend. Whilst there’s nothing that can be done to improve his overall kidney functionality, we’re controlling his diet etc to prevent any further damage. He’s back to being naughty, so I’m assuming he’s feeling better.
  3. People. When something crap happens like your car getting stolen, the outpouring of love and affection reminds you of how lucky you are to have such amazing people in your life. We’re very blessed.
  4. Jem & Bea bag. I finally bit the bullet and have a Jem & Bea changing bag winging it’s way to me. I never thought that I’d be excited about a baby changing bag. I’ve changed. No, but seriously… 😉 In other news, I’m thinking of writing a piece about some of the awesome things that I’ve found when I’ve been on the hunt for stuff for the Mini Human. If people think it would be interesting, I’ll make it happen. Speak now or forever hold your peace…
  5. Making a Murderer. I guess that’s a bit of a weird one as I’m not grateful for a potentially innocent man being locked up in jail for the second time! However, the series was absolutely fascinating. It’s very rare I find myself sitting in front of the TV and even rarer I find something that I enjoy watching, but I found myself binging on Sunday night (probably not the best day given I was spooked by the car theft) followed by leaving every light on that night. Such a baby.

This weekend, I’m hoping to unplug from digital. I really need some time to refresh & under much duress I think I’ve finally persuaded Dickie that it might be time to start thinking about getting stuff for the baby. We’ll see how that goes. Truth be known, we’ll probably end up car shopping. Oh, middle age…

M xox