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Deliveroo has launched in Windsor!

FoodWindsor / Aug 23, 2016 /

If you’re a new parent, you’ll know the routine… you put baby down to bed, there are tears, there are struggles and finally your little nipper drifts off to sleep. You head downstairs and start dinner, halfway through the baby monitor explodes with screams and just like that, your monkey is awake again and dinner somehow finds itself burned to smithereens. After a few weeks of attempting to cook dinner, you admit defeat and resign yourself to take outs… the problem is that nobody decent delivers and so you find yourself sobbing over a soggy ABC Pizza’s Pepperoni Feast.

You can therefore imagine my delight when the guys at Deliveroo got in touch to let me know that they had launched in Windsor. For those of you who are new to Deliveroo, they are the awesome food delivery service that gives you access to some of your favourite restaurants in the comfort of your own home.


They already have more than 15 restaurants signed up to the service in Windsor, including Pizza Express, The Real Greek, Meimo, Flaming Cow and Thai Square, yum. You place the order really easily, using their app and the food is delivered super quick, usually within half an hour. There’s just a £2.50 delivery charge, which I’d pay ten times over when I’m craving a good curry!

They invited me to try out the service and I have to say I was mega-impressed! We opted to go with Thai Square as I’ve been wanting Thai food for so long but with getting Bells into a routine, heading out to dinner has been a definite no-go for us.


The app was super easy to use and the food was delivered within 15 minutes (I couldn’t believe it was our food!) by a really friendly chap by BIKE. I swear it would take me longer than 15 minutes to cycle let alone for the food to be cooked.



I genuinely can’t recommend the service highly enough. If you’re in Windsor and peckish, it sure beats all of the other takeaway services out there! Available between 12noon and 11pm. Whatcha waiting for?

M xox