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Maternity musts from Isabella Oliver

Uncategorized / Nov 4, 2017 /

Take a perfectly good garment, add ‘Maternity’ to it’s label, remove any tailoring, add an unflattering pattern and you’ve pretty much created most of the maternity garments that I’ve come across recently.

Of course, there are the fail-safe brands such as H&M, Topshop and ASOS for the essentials like jeans and vests. However, when it comes to the things that make you look and more importantly feel good, there’s definitely a gap in the market. Up until now, I’ve resorted to items in bigger sizes from many of the shops that I would usually shop in but after a while, you end up looking like a sack of potatoes and well, that’s just not fun.

Enter Isabella Oliver.

I had discovered the brand when I was first pregnant with Bells and fell in love with their stuff immediately. However, this time around (second pregnancy and all), I’ve been scraping through, making do and not really investing in any more maternity wear given I know it’s the last time we’ll do it. The result? Quite frankly, I’ve been miserable. My confidence hit an all time low and I wish that I’d done something about it sooner.

When the lovely team at Isabella Oliver got in touch to congratulate me on my pregnancy and offered to send me something from their new collection, I was over the moon. Choosing one item took FOREVER as I love everything, but I finally selected the Annora Maternity Intarsia Knit. Gorgeous.

The jumper arrived a couple of days later and I can’t tell you how happy I was when I opened that package. It was well made, reminded me of the quality of stuff that the non-pregnant me used to purchase and was cut beautifully (hello V-neck that doesn’t cut off 2 cm below my neck like a grandma!). What’s more, it’s reasonably priced and so doesn’t break the bank either.


As soon as I popped the jumper on, I was beaming. Dickie noticed immediately. Of course he loved the jumper, but more so, he loved how happy and confident I was just by wearing something that I loved. As so much of the range can be worn post-pregnancy, I’ve decided to bi
te the bullet and to buy some more. I know that I’ll get wear out of it, I’ll have more than a few months of being happy and confident and Dickie will get less of an ear ache, so everyone’s a winner really.

Here are some of the other bits that I’m lusting after…


Tessa Maternity Roll Neck Jumper £129

Brunswick Maternity Dress £99.00

Caia Maternity Stripe Top £65

Maternity Obi Belt £69

Rosie Maternity Print Top £69.00

You can check out Isabella Oliver’s latest range over at www.isabellaoliver.com.

To the team, thank you so much for my knit, I completely love it and you’ve helped one rapidly expanding pregnant mama regain her confidence and for that I’m indebted to you! xox