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Toddler slippers which stay on…

Parenting / Jun 5, 2018 /

Bells wasn’t in a rush when it came to walking, I think she found it much more convenient to tap her fingers and to have stuff brought to her. However, when she got to 15 months, she went from being stationery to running. There was no in-between and to this day, running is her favourite method of getting around.

Fast forward another 6 months and she was introduced to Frozen (god help me) and so a few prances and twirls were thrown into the mix only for us to discover that she’s inherited her father’s rhythm.  It could have been his humour, his peachy bum or gorgeous eyes… but no, it was his rhythm. Needless to say with her tearing around at 100mph, I insist that she wears slippers around the house – mainly because they stop her stacking it as she tears around corners.

However, the result of this is I spend much of my day listening to “uh oh” and being handed stinky slippers to put back on her foot Cinderella style. Enter Mocc Ons. They’re moccasin style slipper socks that come in a whole host of designs. It takes no explaining that I chose the Ballerina style for Bells and naturally she fell in love with them. They’re now the first thing that she asks for in the morning. Brilliant for keeping her toes cosy, their leather sole is great for gripping on to our wooden floors (and cleaning them in the process) before I steal them away from her whilst she’s at nursery to wash them in the machine (yes, they’re machine washable – thank god).

Available to buy for £10.99 from the Sock Ons website, I’m already eyeing up which is going to be her next design.

M xox