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10 Funny things nobody warned me before my toddler started walking

Parenting / Sep 27, 2017 /

Bells was pretty late to the walking game, taking her first steps at 14 months. In the lead up to the big event, I’d promoted cruising, teased her with the cat a few steps out of reach and clapped eagerly as she wobbled from leg to leg. I look back now and wonder why I was in such a hurry for her to walk, life was so much easier when she stayed put in one position!

Here are some of the things that I wasn’t prepared for before Bells started walking:


  1. Outfits only remain clean looking for the first 10 minutes of the day. Your standard of “cleanliness” quite quickly deteriorates with blackened knees an every day standard.
  2. Confidence always outweighs ability. One minute they’re taking a few shaky steps, the next they think they’re Linford Christie competing in the 100 meters…. sadly their bodies tell them otherwise.
  3. You will no longer be able to locate anything. All of the expensive toys that you’ve spent over a year accumulating are instantly redundant as the favourite new game becomes hiding every day objects in the most obscure locations. FUN.
  4. The expensive tights that you bought in lots of different colours from Boden are wrecked after one wear in the garden.
  5. Their little legs are only able to carry them so far before they become tired and need lifting up. However, try to put them back in their pram and all hell will break loose.
  6. Getting dressed each day includes an unwanted game of chase as they run away laughing at you… this becomes even more fun if they know you’re running late.
  7. They will run towards danger always. Days are spent trying to prevent them from killing themselves.
  8. You will never go to the toilet alone again…. The little blighters follow you EVERYWHERE.
  9. Most of your time will be spent explaining their bruises in fear that people will think you’re abusing your child.
  10. Getting anywhere takes x10 the amount of time it usually would by the time they’ve investigated every crook and cranny along the way and doubled back on themselves at least half a dozen times.

Despite all of the above, life has become so much more fun now that Bells is walking… and I no longer need a gym membership. Oh, and on the odd occasion that she ‘allows’ me to hold her hand, it’s pretty freaking cute.

What were the things you were most unprepared for?

M xox