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Sleep deprivation…

15/07/2016 2 Comments

I thought I’d been sleep deprived before, those late nights where staying for one extra drink seemed like such a good idea before getting up early the next morning for a badly scheduled meeting. Then I had a baby. Today summarises sleep deprivation perfectly…

Sleep deprivation is leaving the house with your little lady to go to the Post Office to submit her passport application.

Sleep deprivation is getting there and realising that you didn’t bring her birth certificate.

Sleep deprivation is trying to persuade the counter assistant to let you submit the application without the birth certificate and seeing her look at you sympathetically clearly aware that you’re a woman on the edge.

Sleep deprivation is leaving and heading to Waitrose to get some essentials where you find that your purse is missing.

Sleep deprivation is rummaging through your changing bag like a mad woman, tossing its contents everywhere before concluding that your purse has been stolen.

Sleep deprivation is joining your baby crying before pulling yourself together and running home to cancel all of your bank cards.

Sleep deprivation is forgetting your date of birth and failing the security questions asked by the bank.

Sleep deprivation is finally managing to cancel all of your cards before heading back to the Post Office to ask if they have CCTV only to discover that you’d left your purse on the counter the whole time.

Sleep deprivation is wondering if you can secretly switch out the coffee in your Costa cup for a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc without anyone noticing.

Is it time for bed yet?

M xox


Melanie Kentish

Hi! My name's Mel and I'm a 30 something blogger living in Windsor, UK with my two ginger cats and a rather handsome husband. White Cotton Peonies is the place where you'll find my ramblings on health, fashion, beauty, food and my random adventures as a soon-to-be mum. Enjoy.


  1. Lucy


    I like you thought I had experienced sleep deprivation but then I had a baby. Oh how wrong I was! I have a little one that just doesn’t sleep he is now seven months. Don’t feel bad about the passport I did exactly the same, I have also fallen asleep mid mouthful at dinner. Sleep deprivation sucks.

    • Melanie Kentish


      It’s strange how your body starts to adjust, managing on so little right? x

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