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Review: The Neckerchew & Comfortchew…

12/04/2016 Comments Off on Review: The Neckerchew & Comfortchew…

Babies dribble a lot I hear. More than that, they have a habit of sicking up… all over themselves and generally over you too. Therefore, as I’ve started to prepare things for the messy little pup’s arrival, decent bibs were top of my list.

I never thought that I’d be writing a blog post about bibs – oh how times have changed. As soon as I started to do my research, I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices out there – from the traditional, to the magnet snap closing ones (fancy I know), to bandanna and those including sleeves – there seems to be everything out there.

However, when Cheeky Chompers kindly sent us one of their Neckerchew‘s, I knew that the hunt was over. They come in a whole host of funky patterns meaning that your little chomper can suckle or munch in style. What’s more, they’re reversible, absorbent (always helpful) and are weighted down with a chewy teether at the bottom (thus the name… genius). There’s a couple of different poppers to choose from when doing it up, meaning that you can choose how tight you need it, depending on the size of your little monkey.620623625


Although first known for their bibs, they now have a range of other handy products all designed to make parent’s lives easier. Take for example, their Comfortchew… everyone knows that once a little person has taken to a comforter, there’s no taking it away from them, no matter how hard you try. The Comfortchew is not only super soft making it the perfect snuggle-buddy, it has a chewy teether built in, meaning that when the time comes, they can use the very thing that helps soothe them to take away some of the pain. Poor little blighters.


This comforter seems to have everything your little grizzler could need, from the obvious soft fabrics to cuddle into, through to the teether & tags, there’s plenty to keep their little minds active… and hopefully fewer tears to deal with for mum!

I personally love the brand. Started by 2 mums in 2013, Julie & Amy keep pushing to find innovative products that babies will actually use. What’s more, they’ve teamed up with Joules to produce some gorgeous patterns too! Well worth checking out over at www.cheekychompers.com.

M xox

p.s. whilst these items were kindly sent to me, I only feature products that I truly love and endorse. These are genuinely items that I would buy for my little person. I already have the Chewy at the top of my wishlist…

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