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I’ve notoriously hated Sundays. As a small child, I hated the idea of going back to school the next day (I was never fortunate enough to be one of those kids who loved school) but that feeling of dread never went away as I grew up… it was always a bit of a meh day… and don’t even get me started on Songs of Praise!

More recently though, that’s changed. As the boy is an airline Captain, we rarely get weekends together. When we do, there are normally plans, weeks in advance. Therefore, you can imagine how excited I was when we found that we had a whole weekend together and NO plans. Eeeek.


It’s very easy to take for granted the things that you’re blessed with having on your doorstep and I’m incredibly guilty of that – particularly when there’s wifi to be had. This Sunday, I decided to make a change to that though and I dragged the boy out to visit Windsor Castle, making use of our advantage cards for free access – saving vital pennies that could be spent on red wine to warm our cockles after the tour.


After a very average lunch at Cafe Rouge (sad face), we got chatting to a lovely older couple. As it turns out, they worked for the Royal Family and lived within the castle. They wished us fairwell and off to the Castle we headed. After touring the first few sections of the Castle, we walked down around the outside of the walled gardens, only to come face to face with the couple that we’d seen at lunch!

windsorcastle-2 windsorcastle-3 windsorcastle-4

They were kind enough to invite us in for coffee, give us a tour of their home and many animated stories of the Royal Family and the Queen. I’ve now placed them top of my Christmas card list. Right at the top. The very very top. I kinda love them.

windsorcastle-5windsorcastle-9windsorcastle-11 windsorcastle-12

At the end of the day, we headed to the Two Brewers (which is one of my fave pubs in the world) for a Sunday Roast and a cheeky glass of red…. winter coming isn’t so bad after all.


Oh and I captured this hilarious moment of a young American girl completely upstaging the Guard… classic.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

M xox

Melanie Kentish

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