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Our week in numbers…

19/10/2016 Comments Off on Our week in numbers…

0 – the number of early nights we’ve achieved

1 – the number of breast pads that have accidentally fallen out in the bed for my husband to discover when he climbed in the next day

2 – the number of times poonamis have reached the armpits

3 – the number of times I flashed my boobs in public

5 – the number of times I tried to buy the same item from ASOS before getting interrupted and my basket being emptied again

6 – the number of times Bells has wanted to get up at 4am ?

7 – the number of times I promised myself an early night

8 – the number of times I’ve been asked when I’m having a second baby

14 – the number of times I’ve dreamt of a nice glass of Rioja… before midday

21 – the number of times I’ve tried to make bells nap which she has fought with the whole of her heart

23 – the number of cups of coffee that have gone cold

24 – the number of cups of coffee consumed

68 – the number of nappies changed… I thought it slowed down when they got a little bigger?!?

126 – the number of photos taken of bells… all of which look identical

514 – the number of times I’ve rolled my eyes

723 – the number of actions recorded on baby monitoring app (most of which were exaggerated slightly to make me feel better about her nap situation)

Pretty much an average week as you can see. How’s yours been?

M xox

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