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Our smarTfold Adventure | REVIEW

10/08/2017 Comments Off on Our smarTfold Adventure | REVIEW

Last week the guys at smarTrike kindly got in touch to see if we’d be interested in taking their latest wheels for a spin. It took the whole of two seconds (I’ve never been good at playing it cool) to respond excitedly to say that we would.

Bells first used a trike on her birthday back in June and absolutely loved it so I knew that she was likely to be a fan. However, previously, she’s been in control of steering and it’s been somewhat of a burden to pack away in the car and therefore has not made an appearance at as many family days as we would have liked. Queue the smarTfold.


Unlike the other trikes that I’ve come across, this one literally took no assembly, just pop the wheels on and arrange the bag and you’re pretty much good to go! There’s also handy red buttons which act as a dummy reminder for people like me who can’t remember to fold the thing, although it’s so easy to do that once you’ve done it once, it’s a breeze… and super quick too.

One of the best features that I’ve found however, is the rotating front wheel which you can click into place choosing whether your little monkey has control of the steering or you. Before now, on other trikes, I’ve been forced to put Bells on the back two wheels to avoid us being steered into oncoming traffic (once again). However this swifty little feature means that she can feel like she’s steering as much as she likes but I’ve got ultimate control, mwahaha.


We took the smarTfold on an adventure to one of our favourite spots, Odds Farm to put it through it’s paces. I’m pretty sure the team would be a little bit mortified if they realised that within 5 minutes, I was pushing her through long grass and over rough terrain as I managed to get us lost, but I’m happy to report that Bells’ new wheels dealt with the challenge like a trooper… Bells looked positively comfy in fact.


With an increasing desire for independence (mum who?), this is the perfect solution for getting out and about quickly and allowed Bells to get up close and personal with the action. I’m pretty sure that none of the goats appreciated this but Bells was in her element. It was great to see her really embracing everything going on… she grinned like a cheshire cat from start to finish (although her camera poses would have you believe otherwise!!).


Our adventure was such a success that we’re considering taking the smarTfold to Poland with us next weekend. Thankfully it folds down small enough that we’re able to take it as hand luggage onto the plane and means we won’t be left lugging the heavy monkey around as we try and locate her pram. Obviously the only drawback is that she can’t take daytime naps in it as it has no way of lying flat (that would just be a damned miracle) but we’re planning to get around that by taking the baby carrier for her to snooze on the go.


We were super luck to be gifted this amazing trike by the guys at smarTrike as part of their #smarTdiscoveries campaign, but I can hand on heart say that I’ll be recommending it to all of the mamas that I know. Retailing at £130, I’m pretty sure it’s just made our expensive pram redundant. AWKWARD.

You can check it out for yourself here or if you haven’t already watched, we made a little video.

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