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I’ve been lucky enough to visit New York a lot – at first as a tourist and later organising conferences… it’s one of the only places in the world that can feel completely different each time you go – be that because of the seasons or simply that there’s so many options of things to do.

When my best friend, Francesca, told me that she was going to be moving out there for 3.5 months with work, I finally wiped away the tears and went straight online to book my ticket to visit her.


This weekend was quite simply one of the best of my life. In between bits of work, we stomped the city, drank it dry of champagne and laughed until our sides hurt.


Arriving on Thursday afternoon, I hot footed it over to East Village where Fran has an apartment. After much excited chatting and stopping ourselves, promising that we’d do it over cocktails, we headed out and wandered over to Chelsea Market. Wandering in and out of each of the little boutique stores, I could easily have spent a fortune! Thankfully we were heading straight out to cocktails and so I managed to restrain, knowing that no respectable bar would think I was cool walking in with a load of shopping!

10670189_10152743542025801_2952782621763079496_nWe stopped by the Dream Hotel for a drink in their rooftop bar. The drinks were SO strong that after a few sips and having taken in the magnificent view, we decided to move on. Walking the streets of the Meatpacking District, we spotted some cute fairy lights. Being girls and attracted like magpies to gold, we decided to go and explore. We came across Catch, a gorgeous rooftop seafood restaurant.


Having eaten what I can only describe as possibly the best sushi in my life, we got speaking to the owners of the bar, who invited us to enjoy a table at their sister club Finale. God bless the English accent. I’d love to tell you more about that, but the rest becomes a bit of a blur. Needless to say that I managed to sleep through the jet lag the next morning!


The next day was filled with much wandering, dog parks, more sushi and the best wine bar I’ve ever been to – but that’s far too much to squeeze into this post, so that will have to wait for now…

To be continued.

M xox


Melanie Kentish

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