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New children’s brand Cuggl launches through Argos…

30/09/2017 Comments Off on New children’s brand Cuggl launches through Argos…

I recently discovered a new children’s brand called Cuggl after they launched exclusively through Argos. The brand is designed with parents in mind, meaning that each of the products is really well thought out. The most surprising thing that I found is that the range is stylish but the price tag doesn’t follow suit, offering great value for money.

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We were kindly sent the Cuggl Larch Stroller now that Bells is on the move. It’s great for when she has tired legs without the hassle of taking her big pram with us everywhere we go. I already have my eye on their Noah Cotbed and Changer!


Cuggl consulted parents first hand when it came to designing their range and that really shows in every detail of their products. Since having Bells, I’ve rediscovered Argos thanks to their Fast Track Delivery Service – order by 6pm and you receive it the same day. I can’t tell you how many times that’s saved my bacon!

We’ve been really happy with the stroller, currently on sale for just £32.99 (usually £39.99). It’s such a great solution for getting out and about quickly, Bells loves it and it without costing the earth, it means everyone’s a winner.

You can check out the range now over at www.argos.co.uk or via their app.

M xox


NB: Whilst the stroller was kindly gifted to us (thanks so much Argos!), I can hand on heart say that I wouldn’t write about it unless I liked it… trust me, I turn down all kinds of rubbish every day 😉

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