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My 1 yr old won't eat

My One Year Old Won’t Eat

12/07/2017 Comments Off on My One Year Old Won’t Eat

Hey guys,

So I should preface this video by saying that in no way am I a medical professional… if you’re worried that something might be wrong, always take your child to your doctor/health visitor for them to take a look.

Disclaimer out of the way, Bells has always been a really difficult eater… it’s her way or the high way. Independence levels have reached a whole new level of late and if you even try to think of helping her… let’s not go there.

However, about a month ago, we had a solid fortnight where she refused to eat anything. Like zilch. Zero. Any parent will tell you how distressing that is, when you feel like you’re failing at one of your main jobs!

Thankfully, she’s now much better, although by no means a big eater. I thought therefore that it would be good to document some of the things that we’ve tried that really help.

I hope that you found the video useful and if you’ve been there, I’d LOVE to hear from you in terms of what you tried that worked…

Big love for now,

M xox

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