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My C-Section Hospital Bag

07/03/2018 Comments Off on My C-Section Hospital Bag

It’s fair to say that I was much more organised in my pregnancy with Bells… my hospital bag was prepared months in advance, as much out of excitement as necessity and I even had a playlist. This time around, my hospital bag has been left to the very last minute and my playlist? Well, I’m leaving it to the Radio Gods.

However, what I’ve lacked in organisation in time, I’ve made up for in efficiency of packing. I’m not sure if you remember, but last time, I packed to excess, EVERY eventuality had been covered, from black out blinds to battery candles and even room scent…. only then things went wrong and NOTHING got used. This time, my approach is to take the bare essentials only… hopefully meaning less to lug around the hospital for poor Dickie!

My packing has allowed for the likelihood that I’ll have a longer stay than a natural birth and as it’s a planned section this time, it’s likely that the wait will feel excruciatingly long too!

Here’s what’s in my bag:-

  1. 3 pairs of dark button-up pyjamas that allow for easy feeding
  2. Black Calvin Klein dressing gown to pop over my gown to walk to theatre (I’ve flashed one too many times in the past)
  3. Cheap dark cotton big M&S pants that will avoid anything from touching the wound (I thought they’d be nicer than disposable but cheap enough that I wouldn’t mind just chucking them away if needed)
  4. Nursing bras (only 3 for now, I figure I’ll buy more when my milk is in and I have a better idea of my melon size)
  5. My Mahabis slip-on slippers, keeping me warm and avoiding the need to bend over to pull them on
  6. A couple of pairs of black high waisted leggings that will make me feel secure but won’t mess with my scar
  7. My Cuddledry Baby&Me washbag including essentials such as non-scented shower gel, travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, moisturiser, lip salve (what is it with hospital air con?), hair bobbles and grips, deodorant, toothpaste and brush, foundation, mascara, vanity mirror. I know it seems crazy to be thinking about make-up after you’ve just had surgery and are balancing a baby, but last time, it was nice to have something for myself that made me feel human again).
  8. Breast pads (no more walking out of the hospital unaware of huge wet patches for me)
  9. Warm socks to rid the nervous shivers that you tend to feel
  10. Nursing vests (I couldn’t live without these! Pop them under a normal top or a cardigan for easy feeding and effortless style)
  11. A thick black cardigan – the last thing that you want to feel is cold when you’re sitting about waiting
  12. 4 loose tops (incase there happens to be any boob leakage)
  13. An old towel that I won’t mind getting ruined
  14. Maternity pads (the hospital ones remind me of the horrible things the school nurse used to give you when you started your period at school… you know the ones I’m talking about!)
  15. A book (in case I want distraction and to submerse myself in something… however I don’t think for a second I’ll be able to concentrate)
  16. Some trashy magazines with plenty of pictures (in case 15. is reality)
  17. iPad with movies (as much to entertain Dickie as myself)
  18. iPhone charger (I didn’t touch my SLR last time)
  19. Polaroid camera (I thought it would be cool and I love the idea of an instant physical picture that I can place by my bed
  20. Snacks for Dickie (just to torment me as I know that I won’t be able to eat before the op)
  21. Change of clothes for Dickie (I’m as keen for him to get skin-to-skin as for me… and sometimes, that leaves you a bit messy!)
  22. Chocolates for the midwives. They do such a great job, that having something on hand to say thank you is a must for me

Here’s what’s in baby’s bag:-

  1. 5 baby grows with built in scratch mitts and feet (guaranteed not to fall off)
  2. 2 baby hats
  3. 5 vests
  4. 3 muslins
  5. Swaddle blanket
  6. 20 nappies
  7. Nappy cream
  8. Nappy bags
  9. Infacol (I literally couldn’t live without this with Bells but it took me ages to discover it)
  10. Baby wipes
  11. Baby sponge
  12. Olive oil. Weird one, but apply a little to their bum as soon as they arrive and it makes that first nappy change SO much easier
  13. Comforter
  14. Family photo for the cot
  15. 2 Dummies (just in case)

Thankfully this time around, I’m using the brand new Cuddledry Baby&Me washbag which allows me to store all of mine and baby’s essentials in one place thanks to it’s 2 separate sections with colour coded zips to make finding things super easy. I got it especially to take to hospital as it’s waterproof and has two really generous compartments, but I know that it’ll be great for the future too as the parent side contains two BPA free re-fillable toiletry bottles which are 100ml making them great for carry on.

I think that I’ve covered, but no doubt I’ve forgotten something major! What did you pack? Is there anything that I’m missing? Anything that you hadn’t thought of? I’d love to hear from you.

Arrrrrrgh! It’s almost baby time!

M xox

NB: Cuddledry kindly sent the washbag to me to see what I thought… however, the fact that it’s now replaced a really cute Liberty washbag, shows you just how good I think it is. You can buy it here for £24.99 😘

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