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Travelling back from Palma last week, we were taken in by the mini “Nikki Beach” that seemed to be taking place in Duty Free at the airport. Stopping to see what the fuss was all about, we were offered the chance to try Moét Ice whilst experiencing a mini DJ set that seemed to be going on. Desperate to continue our long weekend for as long as possible and tempted in by the bubbles, of course we had to say yes.

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For those of you who are yet to try Moét Ice Imperial, it’s the first champagne that’s been designed to be served on ice. Think of it as a cross between champagne and Pimms if you will. The champagne adopts the flavour of whatever fruit you choose to put with it – be that lemon, strawberries, berries etc. It also keeps all of the bubbles even once poured onto ice. Having tried this out for myself, my favourite flavour is strawberry and mint which is totes delish!

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The perfect drink to accompany the Indian summer that we’ve been promised!

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Photos - 9828Photos - 9824Whilst we were told that it’s not available to buy in the UK, there are a few outlets that sell it. I’ve managed to find it available for sale in Selfridges for £54.99. It’s definitely worth stocking up on some if you have any holidays planned soon.

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It’s only downside… far too drinkable… before you know it the bottle’s gone and you’re wondering why you didn’t buy more. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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