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Mini Brand Crush: The Bonniemob

13/10/2016 Comments Off on Mini Brand Crush: The Bonniemob

Until I fell pregnant, I used to love shopping for myself, you’d find me doing it mainly on days that ended with a ‘y. I knew which shops I liked and so shopping was a breeze. However, when Bells was born, it struck me how little I knew about where to get stuff for a mini person.

Much researching and Instagram scrolling, I’ve found a whole load of brands that I love and therefore I wanted to start a regular feature where I can highlight some of my fave finds (I’m not being paid, honest). I’m hoping that you’ll find it helpful.


I was first introduced to The Bonniemob when I was working for KIDLY and it was love at first sight (as you can probably tell from my Instagram account). The brand is known for it’s playful designs, bright colours and amazing quality.

Personally I love them for their gorgeous knits… super soft thanks to their Cashmere and yet still practical as they can be machine washed. Many poonami washes later and I can tell you firsthand that they look as new as when we got them.

This season features their Polar North range and I just love the bear. Bells is so taken with the pattern of her babygrows that she’ll often spend much of the evening staring at it rather than going to sleep (not that it takes much to keep her awake).

The only drawback? They look so good that admitting defeat that your bambino can no longer squeeze into it is even harder than usual.

We were sent some Bonniemob goodies to ‘roadtest’ for KIDLY a few weeks ago to put them through their paces. As you can see, they went down a storm:


Do you have a brand crush? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

M xox


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