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Windsor Farm Shop

Spoiler alert: I’m not completely old. I appreciate that the following post may have you thinking otherwise, but I promise that as soon as it’s written, I’ll go down a shot of tequila and party until the sun comes up… ok maybe not.

I’m a sucker for buying local and always buying organic wherever I can when it comes to food shopping. Therefore, I consider myself incredibly lucky that I have the Windsor Farm Shop on my doorstep. It’s one of my favourite places to mooch on a Sunday when I’ve got no plans – although I’ve learnt not to visit when I’m hungry!


Located just on the edge of the Home Park, Windsor Farm Shop sells locally sourced goods and produce from the Royal estate and The Great Park. I like to tell myself that the carrots are grown on Liz’s vegetable patch, but I’m not so sure.

farmshoptake2-12farmshop-15farmshop-14farmshop-13usethisone-17If you haven’t been to the Farm Shop yet, it’s well worth a visit. They have everything that you could imagine, from gorgeous plants (think perfect English country garden), gorgeous freshly grown veggies right through to their amazing Butcher’s Counter which sells some of the best meat & poultry that you’ll ever have experienced – all sourced from the Royal Farms. My favourite is the Deli Counter where there’s a huge range of tarts, spiced guacamole right through to cheeses. What’s great is that it’s all hand made and so you can easily pass it off as being your own – something you’ve spent hours slaving away when secretly you’ve been out shopping. Of course, I’d never condone such behaviour.

meatcounterusethisone-20Allow time to have tea and cake in the Coffee Shop after your visit. I can personally recommend the Victoria Sponge Cake (I’m a sucker for a classic) although be warned, the portions are HUGE!usethisone-21

If you want to check out the farm shop, you’ll be able to find it at:

The Windsor Farm Shop
Datchet Road
Old Windsor
Telephone: 01753 623800

Opening Hours: 
Mon-Sat 9:00-5:30
Sun & Bank Holidays 10:00-5:00


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