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Life without limits….

19/11/2018 Comments Off on Life without limits….

Bells is at that awkward age where independence is KING. Prams are for babies, her scooter keeps her attention for the whole of 10 seconds before it ends up being carried by me and if I carry her, she just acts like a dead weight with every limb going completely stiff. It’s not great when you’re quite an outdoorsy family and you live in the country.

Therefore, when we were contacted by the team at Thule to try out their Sapling Carrier, we weren’t sure how Bells would take to it. Then we remembered that her favourite game is “horsey” and this could prove to be the perfect solution.

We weren’t wrong.

As soon as the carrier arrived, Bells couldn’t wait to take it out. Thankfully, when you take it out of the box, it’s ready to go, there’s no set-up required. There’s an adjustable ergonomic seat which means that we could change the height depending on whether we were taking Bells or Millie. The hipbelt is also really easy to adjust meaning that Dickie or I could use it without lots of fuss.

What’s more, popping Bells onto our backs was so straightforwards, we just lifted her into the carrier secured by the kickstand and slipped the straps onto our shoulders before securing the waistband and tucking the stand away. We couldn’t believe how comfortable the carrier was to wear, it’s designed so well that the weight is evenly distributed and therefore even though Bells is pretty big now, it wasn’t a struggle at all. We could easily go for a long walk with her comfortably fastened in and she would definitely be happy with that.

Anyone with kids will know that they come with so much “stuff”. Whilst we love carriers, the issue we always find is storing all of the essentials that we need. The Sapling however, comes with so much. There’s a removable backpack which sits on the back of the carrier (which is actually a lovely backpack in it’s own right) along with pockets on the hip belt. The hip pockets are great for keeping all of the things that you need easy access to, for example your mobile, money and of course snacks!

The carrier is definitely on the premium end of the market, retailing at £260, but the Swedish company have thought of every single aspect! There’s a viewing mirror stowed away in one of the pockets so that you can keep an eye on your little monkey (as well as checking for sneaky naps) and a hydration sleeve which stores up to 3 litres… perfect when you’re asked for juice every 2 minutes. There’s also a sunshade which stows flat in the backpack and opens up into a mini gazebo shading your mini’s head from those rare but often strong rays!

The best feature, by far, were the stirrups… maybe not so much for Dickie, but Bells was over the moon using them to gee on her horsey…

Before the girls arrived, we used to take one holiday which was more of an experience each year. We believe that travel is the best education that we could expose the girls to and so we’ve been so excited for a time where they are big enough to take them trekking. However, now that we’ve experienced the Thule Sapling Elite Carrier, that time may come sooner rather than later!

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