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I’m an obsessive candle collector. Regardless of how many candles I have at home, when I spot that perfect candle, I know immediately that it’s going to be coming home with me. Fact.

My Fiancé no longer questions my requirement for more candles, recognising that it’s an argument that will never be won. He’s wise. Of late though, things have gotten worse and it’s fair to say that my candles are now categorised. (I really do deserve to be a spinster cat lady!). Let me explain…


One off or incredibly expensive candles that I promise will one day be burned but in my soul know that this will never happen. These are a constant living nightmare to keep clean (particularly if they don’t have lids – wax and dust are not a good combination. Wow I’m so middle aged!).


The expensive candles safeguarded for special occasions or for when friends are invited over, which are very rarely lit. This could have something to do with the amount of times that I invite friends over. Awks.


Pretty candles that are scented and lovely to look that usually contain descriptions of far away lands and fresh laundry. Normally lit when the boy is home to make it smell more girly. This delights him, obviously.


These tend to be less expensive that you don’t mind tearing through at a rate of knots (the boy’s away a fair bit) but manage to make the cottage look cosy and set “just the right scene” for blogging with a glass of wine.


These started life as tier 2 and prove to pretty to be thrown away. They live with the promise that one day they will be refilled with wax and shall get to live again. In reality, they clog cupboard space and I don’t have wax pellets.

All of the above categories are of course bolstered with a mass of fairy lights, just because.

DSC_0080DSC_0074DSC_0079 DSC_0068
Here are some of the candles that I’m currently crushing on…Candles

1. Eclectic by Tom Dixon £55

2. Roja Parfums Vetiver Small Candle £75

3. Emma Bridgewater Pink Wallpaper Heart Candle £14,95

4. John Lewis Antidote Kitchen Candle £15

5. Cire Trudon Balmoral Scented Candle £75

6. Neom Happiness Travel Candle £16

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to light a candle and to look into therapy. Please tell me I’m not alone?!?

M xox

Melanie Kentish

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