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I think I’ve decided that Christmas is my favourite time of year. It hasn’t always been, but now I think it’s well and truly top of the pops.

When I was single and living in London, it didn’t seem worth getting a tree – I was barely home and I’d travel back to Bristol for Christmas and so the flat would stay bare. However, fast forward a few years and collecting and decorating the Christmas tree has become a bit of a family tradition for myself and Dickie.

Every year, we drive to Windsor Great Park where they have a massive selection of trees all grown in the park. I absolutely love getting the tree there! The first tree is guaranteed to always be the tree that we’ll end up taking home, but Dickie will insist on inspecting each of the other specimens there first. Then when he admits defeat, Trevor is ours to take home.

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This year, after much uh-ming and ah-ming, we finally decided on a 7-8ft Norman Fir. Much fun then ensued with repositioning furniture in our little cottage before decoration could commence. We’ve been quite good at picking up decorations throughout the years and now we’re like a walking ad for The White Company. I love it though.

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I once took it upon myself to decorate the tree for Dickie as a surprise when he was out one night. This turned out to be a massive mistake and now we always do it together with an awesome Spotify playlist like this one and wine (or diet coke for me, but ya know!).

It’s so weird to think that this will be the last Christmas just the two of us. I can’t wait for mine and Dickie’s little traditions to become proper family traditions.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

M xox

Melanie Kentish

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