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The big day had arrived – Saturday. The day that we’d have hours upon hours to explore before heading ‘out out’. I actually woke with butterflies.

Unfortunately waking fresh from the night before meant that the jet lag finally had a chance to set in which was no bad thing when I found myself with some urgent work to do.

Escaping the apartment at 11am, we headed to Crema Restaurant where we’d heard they did one of the best brunches in Manhattan with unlimited Mimosas and a Mexican twist. As we walked in, the restaurant was empty – we started to worry that we hadn’t come to the right place. However within 15 minutes, the place was crammed!

finalnewyorkI ordered an egg white omelet which came with goats cheese, potatoes and jalapenos…. Delish. The guys on the table next to us got chatting to us and suggested some places to try for drinks in the evening. I couldn’t believe how friendly and helpful everybody had been to us throughout my stay.

We left the restaurant having made the most of the unlimited Mimosa quota and headed just a few streets over to the Mac Pro store where I had booked appointments for us to get our makeup done. The team there were incredible, although I’d probably suggest not getting an appointment for 1pm – you tend to get some odd looks that afternoon as you’re casually shopping (sadly it was the only appointment that they had left when I booked it). You have the option to either pay for the makeup artist or have the cost redeemable against products. The first option means that their time is dedicated to you, which can be awesome, although if you’re lucky like me, the store wasn’t busy and so it wasn’t an issue.

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I got told off for taking pics inside the MAC store, so shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone.

Make up done, we grabbed a cab over to West Village where we went about shopping like mad people to find outfits for the evening. West Village is awesome for tiny boutique shops with personality and are great for escaping the bigger chain stores that you tend to find on Fifth Avenue. Whilst we were there, we of course had to pay a visit to ‘Carrie Bradshaw’s house”. The exterior is actually shot at 64 Perry Street although sadly you’re no longer able to stand on the steps to have your photos taken and when we visited, there was scaffolding next door. You won’t be able to miss it though as there are random women taking photos of the same front door with just a glint of acknowledgement that you’re there for the same thing.

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As the time ticked on and the desperation for an outfit grew, we headed to Soho where we knew that there would be more shops. I found a couple of beautiful pieces that I had to buy (I’m embarrassed to admit that they were from the Dash Boutique – but they had some really lovely things in there).

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On our way back to the apartment, we came across a kitty adoption truck. It literally drives around the neighbourhoods, parking up at different locations with different cats that need re-homing. I can only think that it must be a really successful way of doing things as I’m pretty sure that if I’d been living in New York, I’d have ended up adopting another and my cat lady status would have been taken to another level.

Feet ready to drop off, we headed home and ordered sushi take out (for the third night in a row) to line our stomachs. Things got a bit complicated when Fran popped out to grab a bottle of champagne and the sushi arrived when I was in the shower. I quickly threw a short dressing gown of Fran’s on before running down the stairs, trying to keep one door open with one foot and open the main door with my other to stop myself from getting locked out. Needless to say, the delivery guy found the whole thing very amusing.


That evening, we headed back to the Meat Packing District where we went to the Standard Hotel for a drink in their bar. The bar overlooks the whole of Manhattan and is breathtaking! Myself and Fran just kept finding ourselves gawping out of the window – it must have looked like we weren’t talking to one another.


We’d been invited to the bar in the Hotel Hugo which is a new hotel that’s just opened. We arrived and muttered some names to show that we ‘were in the know’ and were led down a corridor into a basement before getting a lift up to a super exclusive club. It was all a bit surreal! We stayed for one but a bit intimidated by all of the stiff model types, we decided to head back towards the Meat Packing District.

Eventually we ended up at Tao, where we had an awesome night. Packed from wall to wall, the music was really good and we stayed and danced until there was no dance left in us. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for somewhere fun to try.

Another day had passed and I just couldn’t believe how quickly the whole trip was going.

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