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Last week, I was lucky enough to be taken to the Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa in Mallorca as a combined birthday and anniversary gift. We spent four days unwinding as part of a long weekend and the break couldn’t have come at a better time. The hotel was gorgeous, a little bigger than we’d usually stay in (I’m a sucker for boutique hotels) but every detail of the hotel had been thought out and the swim up pool was divine. I’d definitely suggest paying the extra for a swim up room which means that you have your own pool (particularly good if you don’t want those tan lines!).


I’d actually visited Sa Coma when I was much younger and it’s definitely changed. Unfortunately too many Brits for my liking with their bulldog tats on display, but if you keep walking around the harbour, you’ll eventually come to S’Illot which is much more serene and relaxed. After dinner, we stopped at a cool little bar on the way home to watch a volleyball championship taking place on the beach (you can guess whose idea that was!?!) and listened to the reggae music that was playing. You couldn’t re-create that laid back kind of cool anywhere else. An unexpected little treasure.


We had friends over in Mallorca, who came to pick us up one day and we headed to Port D’Alcudia for cocktails at Botel Alcudiamar where they had a bar that jetted out into the ocean, before heading to dinner at a local restaurant on the port.


The boy and I have started a little tradition to mark our anniversary. Each year, we tie a lock to a different location before throwing away one of the keys (we’re keeping the rest for our future children to retrace our steps). I had a heart lock inscribed without realising that he’d had the same idea…. turns out we had 2 locks to dispose of! Having hunted high and low for a bridge to tie it to, we eventually found an anchor dug into a rock in the local bay. It seemed sturdy and there was something lovely about our locks being tied to the Earth.

locks take 2my locklockedlocksI’m already looking forward to planning our next year of adventures. First up is a trip to Vietnam in November. If anybody has any suggestions of places to visit or stay, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Kate/WitWitWoo


    That lock thing … oh God, you guys … what an adorable idea. Congrats again, looks like you had a ball x

  2. Mel Kirk


    Thanks beauty, it was lovely to get away, just what the doctor ordered. I hear you have a little trip coming up? JEL! x

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