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End of week gratitude

29/01/2016 Comments Off on End of week gratitude

I can’t quite believe that it’s Friday again already! It only seems like yesterday we were setting off for our weekend away. Time is flying…

So, lots to be grateful for this week!

  1. A long weekend. As you’ll know if you read my previous post or follow me on Instagram, we escaped to Cheltenham for the weekend, which was so nice! I always seem to be on the go and whilst we did lots of exploring, it was nice to have time to soak in the bath, dress ourselves in our robes & watch movies too! We took a detour on the way home too through the Cotswolds…. I just love the Cotswolds.
  2. YUYU Hot Water Bottle. I’ve got a slight obsession – hot water bottles. Yes, call me old, yes, mock me, I’m OK with it! I honestly think that I have a problem. When I was ill last year, I struggled to stay warm and now with a mini-human growing, it helps relieve the pains. Gah, I’m not even going to try and justify it. The point is that Dickie bought me the most amazing YUYU hot water bottle which is super long and mega soft. Most thoughtful present ever. Definite husband points.
  3. Growing Bump. I’ve gone from not having a bump to having a bump in what seems like a matter of a week. All of that sudden growth has been somewhat uncomfortable but now when I lie on the sofa in the evening, I can see mini-me kicking, which is painful and awesome.
  4. Yoga. Yoga is now a regular thing in my life again and I can’t tell you how nice that is. When my BMI dropped last year, I was forced to give it up but now it provides welcome relief… and room in my growing bump. Not to mention the best night’s sleep! Zzzzzzz.
  5. Bloggers. I’ve been working with KIDLY for the past few months ahead of their impending launch. For those who don’t know about KIDLY, they’re the baby store by parents for parents and I can honestly say I’m so excited for the stuff they’re going to be selling. It’s all practical (why would you want anything that isn’t!) but also looks good too. ANYWAY, I’ve been talking to loads of mummy bloggers as a result and they’ve been just so welcoming. I can honestly say that I know I’ve made some friendships that will last for years to come.


I hope that you’ve had a good week? What’s been your highlight? I’d love to hear.

M xox

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